Notre expérience

Our Restaurant

A gourmet bistro with a friendly atmosphere, where freshness cuisine knows how to enhance what the Islands produces best … A selection of wines recognized for its private imports and its attraction to novelty and difference …

A beautiful dining room where a large number of sunny windows offers you a spectacular view of Entrée Island and Plaisance Bay, where cruise ships, fishing boats (and most of the time some friendly seals too !) like to rest for a while.

Every day inspired dishes, combining tradition and modernity, and where mussels, lobster, herring, mackerel, clams, Islands young steer, berry fields and local cheeses, like the Pied -de-Vent and the Tomme des Demoiselles, remember the past while jumping in the present as one jumps into the waves.

A unique blend of charm that transforms the meal into an enchanted pause …