Historical review

My old convent of gray stones, I remember your big windows looking to the blue, your soft hymns to the vigil, nuns walking silently in your halls, our well hidden loves …

My old convent of gray stones, recent renovations did not erase your old days, but makes me want to stay longer. Between moon and dawn, between sun and twilight, I am coming soon to enjoy my friendships and my loves.

Built between 1914 and 1918 on the instigation of Father Samuel Turbide, who ordered five hundred horse wagons filled with Islands stones for his elevation, the primary purpose of the Old Convent was to allow the Sisters of the Congregation of Notre Dame to give lessons to young girls in becoming future teachers.

In 1967, when the Island’s high school took over this course, the Old Convent became a retirement home. In 1969, Gaspard Richard acquired it and transformed the place into a small hotel delightfully named after him: “At Gaspard.” Since then, the Old Convent and its old stones
have the vocation to receive, to charm, to pamper. If the Church is gone, swept away by fire in 1973, the other buildings are there to witness a story based on hospitality. The current owners of the domain still maintain this tradition and preserve the rich heritage of this gem of the Islands.

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